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Oh oh, October is coming.. That means it's time for an Instagram diary of September! In this post I'll show you what I posted on my Instagram last month and... why I posted it!

Are you curious?

  1. A dark picture.. But, when you look closely you can see me and my friend Anjeli before a night out in my little hometown. Every year there is a night out for everyone in Uithoorn called 'Tropical Night'. A tropical night in Holland.. I can hear you laugh. But we had a great summer, you know. Conclusion: it was a fun night with a lot of dancing and good music. That counts, right?
  2. Nothing so good like a caramel macchiato.. After a long and heavy afternoon of shopping with my mom and aunt, we sat down at the Douwe Egberts Café and ordered ourselves some good coffee. I'm not a coffee fan, but I'm definitely learning to drink and appreciate it. What do you think of that cute coffee-art
  3. Yep, that's me with my propaedeutics papers and a lovely bucket of white roses that I got from my parents (really, there were so pretty!).
  4. Nothing works better then a black and white photo. In this photo I just received (and signed) my diploma and my mom really wanted to take a picture of my happy face.
  5. Meet my new favourite autumn coat! A beauty from the Zara. This was just an Outfit Of The Day post. What do you think? (I will make a post about my new coat later..!)
  6. Here you see me and my projectteam at the goatsfarm. We're filming for a project that we have to do for school about nature. It was a fun day with a whole lot of bleating and chewing. Some of the goats were so curious when it came to our video equipment, that they were chewing on our tripod and cables. We laughed our asses off. Crazy goats!
  7. Meet my best friend and baby, Jenna. My little photomodel. She is a cross between a shih-tzu and a Maltese. I always wanted a dog and it took me a few months (maybe a year) of whining (like throwing dog food in the shopping card and watching dog movies and photos) before I convinced my parents to get us a dog. But she's here, for already 7 years now! (If you want to know more about Jenna, just ask it down below and maybe I will post a full 'What about Jenna?' post!)

So, that was my Instagram diary of September!

What is your favorite photo?

x Priscilla


4 reacties:

  1. Hallo, waarom heb jij niet verteld dat je een blog hebt! Haha.

  2. Lieve Jenna, fotomodelletje is het toch ook! x

  3. Amazing!!

    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!



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