LIFESTYLE | Are you updated?

Hey, are you already updated?

Yes? No? Yes? No?

I am!

Yesterday Apple released the new update for all the Apple lovers: the new software iOS7!
For some of you who don't know me that well. When it comes to apps and Apple stuff, I'm a kind of geek. Yes, a geek. I just can't help it!

I have hundreds of different apps on my iPhone just to edit my photo's. And, well you want to know a secret? I don't use half of them.. Oeps! When I see a new app, I just have to download it.
iOS7 - Apple

But now... What do I think of iOS7?

I love the new lock- and unlock screen. It so much more fun to enter your password in colored balls then in the boring rectangled kind of things. It has so many more features, like the improved camera application from Apple itself. Now I can almost delete all of my 'never-used' apps that I downloaded to put a filter on my photo. And what about the new control center? Isn't it brilliant? Everything you need it just right there.

And yes, there are so many things besides these I just mentioned that I love about the new iOS7.
But, I just got it for half a day now.. So there is many more to discover!

What do you think of iOS7? An improvement or a failure?

x Priscilla

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