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Oh no, summer break 2013 is over.. What are we going to do now?
It's time to go back to school people!
I had my first class of year 2013-2014 today. And you know what I REALLY didn't miss? My alarm clock. (It went off at 06:15 this morning.. Way too early after 3 months of waking up at about 10:00 a.m..)

But hey! Sure, it's fun to meet your new classmates and make friends but those things are just a #2 on your "back-to-school-priority-list". My only tip for you when you start a new year: make sure you got your stuff right!

So what are my back to school essentials on a day like today?
For my study it's important to have a laptop. This laptop will be your best friend during the future 4 years. After long doubts, I decided to give my heart to a Samsung. A pretty one, hihi. This baby helps me with working on papers, studying for exams, editing videos and photos and now.. writing this brand new blog.  
Samsung Chromebook 5 Series - Samsung

Besides a laptop I REALLY need a diary. Without a diary my head will explode and no, I'm not kidding. At my study you have to work with deadlines and if you don't want to miss one of them, you should purchase a diary. This is why I purchased this little pink baby. Simple but cute, don't you think? (Maybe I will spice it up a little when I'm feeling bored. Do you have any DIY tips?)

Diary- V&D
What are your back to school essentials?

x Priscilla

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