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Eco friendly bag -

A bag that is eco friendly? Yes!

This baby is made out of 100% cotton. A musthave for the eco friendly fashionista!
Handy in every situation, like doing groceries, go shopping, have a lunch with your friends... WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO!

All the most important stuff (hihi) are printed on the front of the bag and that is what makes it the perfect eco bag for the fashion lovers in Holland. And why don't you just stuff your new sweetheart with all that? A few diamonds hurt no one, right? (hahaha)

Do you want one for your own? You can find it here!

What do you think of this eco friendly bag?

x Priscilla

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    1. Leuk hé? Echt een fijne tas! Gebruik hem ook wel eens op dagen dat ik alleen mijn laptop mee moet naar college. Daar past 'ie precies in!


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